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Switzerland / Italy
Lombardy / Grisons
Madesimo / Mesocco

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Bakery / grocery
Hardware / sports shop
Bank / cash dispenser
Open automobile access

A Tarred or paved road
B Dirt track
C Mule trail
D Mountain trail
E Equipped trail (cables, ladders)
F No trail

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Hiking (mountain trail, in places narrow and exposed)
Alpine route (equipped or very exposed section, snow field, blocks)
R83 Isola » Pian San Giacomo
  |   5h50   |   13 km   |   1040 m   |   1150 m

From Isola, important centre since ancient times, the trail climbs across Val Febbraro, in the past a practical link between the vale of S. Giacomo and Mesolcina. The Baldiscio pass is negotiated along the grassy knolls of Pian dei Cavalli, where traces point to human habitation dating back 7000 years. Cross the border into Switzerland and go down steeply to Pian San Giacomo.

Point Segment
Name Services Information Marking
1286 m
| CD  7.3 km / 3h40
Passo di Baldiscio
2329 m
| D  0.9 km / 0h20
X I - CH
2281 m
| D  0.7 km / 0h20
Alp de Balniscio
2152 m
| D  4.1 km / 1h30
Pian San Giacomo
1173 m
Detailed route description
Natural and cultural heritage
Useful topographic maps
  • 92 ~ Kompass (1: 50'000)
  • T 267 San Bernardino ~ Swisstopo (1: 50'000)
  • Hinterrheintäler ~ Hallwag Kümmerly und Frey AG / 3-259-00812-8 (1: 60'000)
Useful guidebooks
  • Gipfelziele im Tessin ~ Rotpunktverlag (ISBN 3-85869-258-1)

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  • Rudolf - 2017-07-15
    Vom Ende des Wanderweges zur Bushaltestelle und über Pian San Giacomo nach Mesocco Nord fahren. Übernachtung und Essen in der Bar Motto Tel. 0041-91 8301003, 0041 796987370. - Mittwoch Ruhetag. Gute Küche. Dies ist die einzige ÜBernachtungsmöglichkeit in Mesocco
  • jbr - 2017-07-09
    Die Wegmarkierungen sind ab Passo di Baldiscio stellenwiese unzureichend. Der Abstieg nach
    Pian San Giacomo ist in einem schlechten Zustand, einige Bäume versperren noch immer den Weg. Vielleicht sollte sich der örtliche Tourismusverband Gedanken über eine Ersatzroute machen.
  • Tentorini Chantal - 2015-10-09
    Magnifique coin de bivouac juste avant d'aborder la descente très pentue sur Pian San Giacomo avec plat et torrent.
    Automatic translation [Google]
    Magnificent corner just bivouac before tackling the steep descent to Pian San Giacomo with flat torrent.
  • chris - 2015-05-22
    The reson why you should go to Mesocco there is a big Supermarket. Coop/ Open at 08:00–12:00 and 14:30–18:00
  • Martine - 2014-08-19
    A Pian sa. G
    A Pian san Giacomo le ristorante Moesa a 5 chambres simples tarif intéressant. NOUVEAU telephone +41 (0)91 831 13 31 Attention jours fermeture donc appeler entre 9 et 14 heures. Panneau pour etape suivante devant la porte ainsi que l'arrêt de bus

    Automatic translation [Google]
    A Pian her. GA Pian san Giacomo the ristorante Moesa 5 bedroom single interest rate. NEW Telephone +41 (0) 91 831 13 31 Please note closing days so call between 9 and 14 hours. Panel next step outside the door and the bus stop Iaco
  • John from bath - 2014-07-13
    The path from Passo di Baldiscio to Pian San Giacomo is officially closed at the moment because of fallen trees due to the large amount of snow last winter. However, the path is well marked from the Swiss border, and there are only eight trees to climb over, only one difficult. There's no paint marks between passo Baldiscio (metal signpost) and the Swiss border. Just keep to the north side of the stream.
  • Niki - 2014-07-12
    Le balisage est entièrement refait et très rapproché, côté italien et suisse, sauf effectivement entre le col et la frontière.
    Par contre le sentier du col Baldiscio à Pian San Giacomo est actuellement fermé. Grosses chutes d'arbres cet hiver, qui encombrent le sentier. Par ailleurs les herbes ont en partie recouvert le chemin. Si le balisage n'avait pas été refait, on se perdrait à coup sûr. On m'a dit que je pouvais emprunter le chemin malgré les avis, mais je déconseille, en partie il faut grimper par-dessus des tas de troncs, branches, roches amassés et on ne sait pas si ça tient vraiment ou si ça peut s'écrouler... Et pas possible de contourner, c'est trop raide.
    Automatic translation [Google]
    Markup is completely redone and very close, Italian and Swiss side, but actually between the neck and the border. As against the Pass Trail Baldiscio Pian San Giacomo is currently closed. Large tree falls this winter, cluttering the path. Furthermore herbs have partly covered path. If the signs had not been redone, it would be lost for sure. I was told that I could take the road despite the advice, but I advise against it, in part you have to climb over piles of trunks, branches, rocks collected and we do not know if it really wants or if it can s 'collapse ... and impossible to circumvent, it's too steep.
  • Elisabeth - 2014-03-19
    Je confirme les remarques de Jean-Louis Giraud, ayant franchi le col Baldiscio sous l'orage et la tempête. De plus, il n'y a aucun balisage entre le col et la borne frontière : on retrouve des marques seulement lorsque le torrent dégringole dans la vallée ! La descente est très pénible : à peine une sente de moutons.
    Enfin, pourquoi aller à Mesocco ?! La vallée subit une forte pollution sonore (et environnementale) du fait de la route qui mène au col St-Bernard. A Pian San Giacomo, une flèche indique la direction de la Bocchetta de Trescolmen : on évite ainsi ce détour désagréable et inutile.
    Automatic translation [Google]
    I confirm the remarks of Jean-Louis Giraud, who crossed the pass Baldiscio the storm and tempest. In addition, there is no markup between the neck and the Marker: are brands only when the stream tumbles into the valley! The descent is very painful, with barely a feel of sheep. Finally, why go to Mesocco! The valley faces strong sound (and environmental) pollution due to the road leading to St. Bernard Pass. A Pian San Giacomo, an arrow indicates the direction of the Bocchetta Trescolmen: it avoids this unpleasant and unnecessary detour.
  • robert - 2013-10-31
    Etape courte et à prolonger jusqu'à Mesocco . Très bon accueil et petits prix au Ristorante Beer _41(0)918311095
    Automatic translation [Google]
    Short step and continue until Mesocco. Very welcome and low prices at Ristorante Beer _41 (0) 918 311 095
  • Clemens - 2013-07-17
    Ab Pass di Baldiscio wird eine gute Karte benötigt. Man überquert oft den kleinen Bach. Auch wenn da kein echter Übergang ist, einfach durch. Der Grenzsstein "Schweiz" ist rechts vom Bach. Dort muss man hin. Sobald man zur Baumgrenze kommt, wirds steil und man muss gut aufpassen. Die Wegzeichen sind teilweise stark verwittert. Der Weg ist ungepflegt. Tierpfade sind manchmal grösser als der eigentliche Weg und führen in die Irre. Weg stellenweise überwachsen. Man merke: Der Weg führt konsquent nach unten, es gibt wenige Meter die auf gleichem Höhenniveau verlaufen. Erreicht man den Bachübergang mit den Holzstegen ist man richtig. Bei ca. 1350 hm stösst man endlich auf die Schotterstrasse.
    Automatic translation [Google]
    From Pass di Baldiscio a good card is required. Often you cross the small stream. Although there is no real transition, simply by. The landmark "Switzerland" is the right of the stream. There have to go there. Once you reach the tree line, it gets steep and you have to take good care. The signs are partially strongly weathered. The trail is well maintained. Animal paths are sometimes larger than the actual path and lead them astray. Way places overgrown. We realize: The path leads konsquent down, there are a few meters running at the same level. When you reach the creek crossing with the boardwalks you're right. In 1350 hm encountered last on the gravel road.
  • Mountain Girl - 2012-10-19
    When you reach the roadway at Pian San Giacomo (where an abandoned Albergo is located), turn right and walk ~0.5km to Ristorante Moesa. Rooms are basic, but cheap, and the food is EXCELLENT (all the locals go there to eat, despite it being the middle of nowhere).
  • Jean-Louis GIRAUD - 2012-03-28
    Attention à l'itineraire de descente sur PIAN SAN GIACOMO ...Il peut ètre difficile à trouver par temps brumeux .Par ailleurs la descente peut ètre délicate et mème dangereuse sous la pluie ou l'orage.
    Par ailleurs, le marquage est trés aléatoire a partir du PASSO DI BALDISCIO .
    Veiller à rester sur la rive droite du torrent qui descent du col . Enfin, le tracé sur le versant Suisse mériterait un serieux lifting aussi bien sur la remise en état du sentier que sur le balisage .
    Automatic translation [Google]
    Attention to the itinerary of descent PIAN SAN GIACOMO ... it can be hard to find in foggy weather. Moreover, the descent can be tricky and dangerous meme in rain or storm. In addition, the marking is very random from PASSO DI BALDISCIO. Careful to stay on the right bank of the torrent which descends the neck. Finally, the route on the slopes Switzerland deserves a serious facelift both in the rehabilitation of the trail on the markup.
  • Jean-Louis GIRAUD - 2012-03-28
    Le 26 Aout 2011, arrivé à PIAN SAN GIACOMO sous l'orage, j'ai pu trouver assez rapidement un hébergement confortable type B and B, chez des particuliers :
    6563 MESOCCO
    Tel : 00 41 (0)918311763
    L'accueil est chaleureux .Il est préférable de réserver car il ne doit y avoir qu'une ou deux chambres .
    Tarif nuit: CHF 45
    Le soir de mon arrivée, les propriétaires m'ont proposé et préparé le diner ! Prévoir 25 à 30 CHF / repas ...bière et / ou vin compris !
    Pouvoir faire étape à PIAN SAN GIACOMO évite une longue et fastidieuse descente sur MESOCCO .
    Par ailleurs, il existe une trace à flanc de montagne qui permet le lendemain de rejoindre le sentier de l'étape R 85...
    Automatic translation [Google]
    On 26 August 2011, arrived at PIAN SAN GIACOMO in the storm, I could find quickly enough comfortable accommodation type B and B, in private: M.C. CALIZIA 134 PIAN SAN GIACOMO 6563 Mesocco Tel: 00 41 (0) 918 311 763 The welcome is warm. It is best to book as there should be one or two rooms. Per night: CHF 45 The evening of my arrival, the owners offered me dinner and prepared! Allow 25-30 CHF / meal ... beer and / or wine included! Able to step PIAN SAN GIACOMO avoids a long and tedious descent Mesocco. In addition, there is a trail on the mountainside which allows to reach the next step of the path R 85 ...
  • Daniel - 2011-08-18
    The Italian part of the VA is not very well marked. From the Pass di Baldiscio up to the Swiss border no marks at all!! I followed the GPX track that I downloaded here (see link above) on my gps and got along well. If you have no gps, then -in this part- stay on the north side of the stream. The first thing you see in Switzerland is a track sign! :)

    The only place in Pian san Giamoco -The Pizzeria- is definitively closed. The place is a ruin now. You will have to proceed 1 hour to 'the Motto' in Mesocco, run by an elderly couple who have lost belief that anything exciting is ever going to happen in their lives.. (Closed on Tuesday)

    Closer to the church there is a Garni in a white building with beautiful gargoyles. A little cheaper then Motto.
  • murmel - 2010-07-26
    Unterkunft: mit Pizzeria, Tel. 0918311095, Mobil 0798221605. Weg zwar steil und teilweise "schön grün", aber noch im Rahmen, mit Regen sicherlich unangenehm (wie andere Wege auch).
    Automatic translation [Google]
    Accommodation: pizzeria, Phone 0918311095, Mobile 0798221605th Although steep path and sometimes "very green", but still in the frame, with rain certainly uncomfortable (as well as other ways).
  • Liebl Georg - 2009-08-10
    normal kann man bei der VA davon ausgehen, dass bei einem Etappenziel auch eine Unterkunft angeboten wird. Für den 08.07.09 hatte für Pian San Giacomo auch das Tourismus-Büro von San Bernardino keinen Tip, obwoh es das B&B La Monda gab. Auch in nächsten Ort Mesocco gab es keine Unterkunft.
    Außerdem war der Weg von der Alp de Balniscio nach S.Giacomo nicht empfehlenswert, da wegen Überwucherung oft schwer zu finden, bei feuchtem Wetter wegen Rutschgefahr gefährlich.
    Automatic translation [Google]
    normally you can at the VA assumed that a milestone also offer accommodation. For 08.07.09 for Pian San Giacomo also the tourist office of San Bernardino had no tip, guys who will join the B & B La Monda was. And in the next place Mesocco there was no accommodation. In addition, the path from the Alp de Balniscio was after S.Giacomo not recommended because because overgrowth often hard to find dangerous in wet weather to prevent slipping.
Last update : 2011-04-28