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Valdidentro, Grosio
Valle del Foscagno, Val Viola Bormina, Val Verva,Val Grosina Orientale

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Stage point (start or end of stage)
Intermediate accommodation possibility
Town, village
Other locality

Bakery / grocery
Hardware / sports shop
Bank / cash dispenser
Open automobile access

A Tarred or paved road
B Dirt track
C Mule trail
D Mountain trail
E Equipped trail (cables, ladders)
F No trail

Stroll / tourism (broad, non-exposed trail)
Hiking (mountain trail, in places narrow and exposed)
Alpine route (equipped or very exposed section, snow field, blocks)
R72 Arnoga » Eita
  |   4h25   |   11.4 km   |   936 m   |   1083 m

A dirt track leads from Arnoga through Val Viola Bormina, affording beautiful views and of interest to geographers, to near the hamlet of Paluetta. From here the trail leads up the right slope of the valley again along a track that runs the length of Verva Valley to the pass of the same name. The down into eastern Val Grosina to the Falk hut, and the vast morainic plain of Eita.

Point Segment
Name Services Information Marking
1850 m
| B  2.4 km / 0h30
Baite Paluetta
1938 m
| BC  4 km / 2h20
Passo di Verva
2301 m
| BC  3 km / 0h50
Rifugio Enrico Falk
1960 m
| B  2 km / 0h45
1703 m
Detailed route description
Natural and cultural heritage
Other long-distance trails and alternative routes
Via Alpina follows the Sentiero Italia trail and crosses the Alta Via della Magnifica Terra trail in the village of Paluetta. From Arnoga, through the Val Viola one can cross over to Switzerland, into the Val di Campo, and from there reach the Via Valtellina (Schruns - Poschiavo - Tirano).
Useful topographic maps
  • 676, 96, 072 ~ Kompass (50000)
  • 302.303 ~ Multigraphic (25000)
Useful guidebooks
  • Passeggiate per famiglia con bambini in Alta Valtellina ~ Alpinia Editrice (ISBN )
  • Itinerari Storici e culturali in Alta Valtellina ~ Alpinia Editrice (ISBN )
  • 100 escursioni in Valdidentro ~ Eliseo Martinelli (ISBN )

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  • POPEYE GG - 2020-08-12
    Mardi 18 juin 2019
    Etape courte; par contre plus de place au refuge Eita (groupe de jeunes): logement proposé dans une maison en contrebas: super!
  • souris48 - 2019-08-19
    A ce jour, il y a un agriturismo à l'Alpe Verva. Vérifier les factures !
    Très jolie étape jusqu'au ref. Eita et très bon accueil.
    Automatic translation [Google]
    To date, there is an agriturismo at Alpe Verva. Check the bills! Very nice step until ref. Eita and very welcome.
  • Daniel - 2018-08-27
    Baita Franzini is a must-go. The only place where I got a free beer at arrival. It now has a hot showers. 5 beds. A bit hard to find, so here the coordinates: 46.3719,10.2528. Price €50 HP. Good food, friendly people. From this place you will have a fine view on the pass that you will climb tomorrow.
  • Daniel - 2016-09-18
    Montée= 550m.
    Descente= 700m.
    Très bon accueil au refuge Eita
    Automatic translation [Google]
    Ascent = 550m. Descent = 700m. Very welcome at Eita refuge
  • Giuliano - 2016-07-21
    Marmellata di sambuco all agriturismo Verva è un must della via alpina. Da provare.
    Rifugio Falk ha un piccolo ma disponibile rifugio invernale.
    Automatic translation [Google]
    Elderberry jam at the Verva farmhouse is a must for the alpine route. To try. Rifugio Falk has a small but available winter shelter.
  • Elisabeth - 2014-03-16
    Pour une fois, je vais faire le guide touristique : je recommande chaudement une halte à l'alpage de Verva (agro-tourisme) pour déguster entre autres une fetta da torta accompagnée d'une délicieuse confiture de sureau.
    Automatic translation [Google]
    For once, I'm going to the tour guide, I highly recommend a stop at the pasture of Verva (agro-tourism) to enjoy with a fetta other torta da accompanied by a delicious elderberry jam.
  • Jean-Louis GIRAUD - 2012-03-04
    A EITA , il y a deux possibilités d'hebergement ...un gite communal ouvert generalement le W.E. et parfois pendant la saison d'éte dans le batiment adjacent à l'Eglise .Je tiens ces informations d'habitants d'EITA. Toutefois ce gite etait fermé quand je suis passé .
    L'autre possibilité est la BAITA FRANZINI un peu au dessous et sur la gauche du village .Ce petit gite est ouvert pendant la saison d'été .Il est tenu par une famille . L'ambiance est décontractée et authentique .Il est prudent de réserver .Ce que je n'avais pas fait...
    Tel 333 3497942
    Faute d'hebergement sur place reste le bivouac ou la descente par la route jusqu'au village de FUSINO ou il y a un hotel avec quelques chambres, au centre du village , à gauche en descendant la route principale.
    Tarif été 2011: 40 €uro nuit et petit dejeuner .
    Automatic translation [Google]
    At ATF, there are two possibilities ... a cottage accomodation communal generally open on weekends and sometimes during the summer season in the building adjacent to the Church. These information I want people to ATF. However, this cottage was closed when I went. The other possibility is BAITA Franzini a little below and to the left of the village. This little cottage is open during the summer season. It is run by a family. The atmosphere is relaxed and authentic., It is advisable to book. What I did not ... Tel 333 3497942 Without hosting site ... it is the bivouac or lowering the road to the village of FUSINO or there is a hotel with a few rooms in the village center, left down the main road. Prices Summer 2011: 40 € uro night and breakfast.
  • Berg-frei - 2011-11-13
    Ich habe am 15. September 2011 als einziger Gast bei Ernesto und Bianca übernachtet und war vollauf zufrieden.
    Automatic translation [Google]
    I'm on 15 September 2011 as the only guest staying at Ernesto and Bianca and was fully satisfied.
  • viaalpinist - 2011-07-22
    In Eita the only option to spend the night is Beita Franzini. No hot water to wash yourself, prize for one person with dinner and breakfast ridiculous 40€! The other sleeping options were not available ( the other was for groups only, and the other remained mystery to me)
  • famba - 2010-10-24
    Danke für den Tipp von Ingo Ronner am 23.11.09. Sind herzlich bei Ernesto und Bianca aufgenommen worden. Die Verköstigung mit den geheimnisvollen Gewürzen werden wir nicht vergessen, genau wie die überaus gastfreundliche Räumung der oberen Etage.
    Thomas und Heidi :-) :-)
    Automatic translation [Google]
    Thanks for the tip of Ingo Ronner on 11/23/09. Have been warmly received at Ernesto and Bianca. The tasting of the mysterious spices we will never forget, just like the most hospitable clearing the upper floor. Thomas and Heidi :-) :-)
  • Martin Schreiber - 2010-10-18
    The given walking time is slightly wrong. This trip from Arnoga to Eita takes only about 3 hours without breaks. This makes it possible to go on to Malghera.

    Be warned that at least on my hiking trip there was still a lot of snow on the path to Malghera over passo di vermolera in early juli. This is usually no problem, but a lot of path markings are missing which made it painful to find the way. Never ever go this way if there is fog!

    An alternative without snow is to go over "the valley" to Malghera.
  • murmel - 2010-07-26
    Am besten die Tour bis Rif. Falk planen. Die Unterkunft Baita Franzini ist in der Tat sehr speziell, aber durchaus liebenswert: nur italienisch, Hausmannskost, Essen inkl. Degustiv ;-). Unterkunft ohne Verpflegung in Eita auch in der Nähe der Kirche möglich.
    Automatic translation [Google]
    Best tour to the Rif. Falk plan. The hotel Baita Franzini is indeed very special, but quite endearing: only Italian, homemade food, including food Degustiv ;-). Self-catering accommodation in Eita also near the church possible.
  • Lighthiker - 2010-05-17
    In Eita gibt es keine wirkliche Unterkunft, jedenfalls keine empfehlenswerte. Besser versuchen im oberhalb von Eita gelegenen Rif. Falk zu übernachten oder 8km weiter in Richtung Tal bis hinunter nach Fusino, wo sich die nächste Bushaltestelle und das B&B Paradiso ( befindet.
    Automatic translation [Google]
    In Eita there is no real property, at least not recommended. Better try in situated above Eita Rif. To stay Falk or 8km further into the valley and down to Fusino where is the nearest bus stop and the B & B Paradiso (
  • Ingo Ronner - 2009-11-23
    Since no real accomodation is availabel we can recommand the following, coming from Arnoga before you cross the river to the left there's is an older couple, Ernesto and Bianca, running a B&B where you also can get a meal. It's called Baita Franzini, Localita Eita mt.1703, Tel. 333.3497942. Open from June upto and including September. Count on 70 euros two persons all included. Very, very ,very authentic and kind.
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