Laureates 2013

A travelling cinema, the first geocaching trail on the Via Alpina, the journey of a red plastic elephant and a comparison of the Alpine massifs by two teenagers: these are the themes of the four projects selected for the Via Alpina Travel Fellowships 2013, awarded by the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention, the Via Alpina Secretariat of the Principality of Monaco and the international Via Alpina network:

The De Schutter-Versailles family, summer 2010 (archive A. Versailles)A cinema in the backpack: Anne Versailles and Geoffroy De Schutter, their two sons Jephan and Niels (at the time 13 and 11-year-old) and their two-year-old malamute dog Ushka (from Brussels, Belgium) crossed the Alps in autonomy during the summer 2010. Anne created “12 legs and 5 backpacks”, a very personal and artistic movie with the aim of sharing the feelings and enrichment brought about by this journey. The whole family is taking to the trails again this summer, with the necessary equipment in their backpacks to show the movie in the villages and huts along a 3-week hike in the Western Alps. Read more >>

Finding a Geocache (archive A. Aschaber)The Via Alpina Geocache Trail: the Mediterranean Gate: Andreas Aschaber (Kirchberg in Tirol, Austria) is going to put in place a geocaching trail (or multi-cache) along the first 14 stages of the Via Alpina Red Trail, from Monaco to Castérino. Fully integrated in the environment by using mostly virtual caches as well as riddles helping discover the surrounding nature, the trail will open the Via Alpina to the steeply expanding group of geocachers, interested by a playful experience in the outdoors. Read more >>

Nufenenpass, CH, 2009 (Thomas Falk)“Attention Hannibalism – red elephant sighted on the Via Alpina!” An art project on route between Mont-Blanc and Cote d’Azur:
Thomas Falk, artist (Bremen, Germany) has been hiking for several years through the Alps together with his dachshund and with an inflatable elephant in his backpack. The bright red elephant provides for an unusual photographic documentation. This year they will follow the Red and Blue Trails from the Mont-Blanc to the Mediterranean. Read more >>

Peitlerkofel (Vincent Neeb)Unknown hiking area or famous tourist arena? The Via Alpina in north-eastern Italy: The “Youth” Fellowship has been allocated to Vincent Neeb and Katharina Boie (both 14 years old and from the Munich area in Germany). They will hike for two weeks in the South-Eastern Alps: Julian Alps, Carnic Alps and Dolomites. They will compare the geology, the culture and the tourism evolution of the different massifs together and with respect to those of Bavaria and Tyrol, reflecting about the best balance to be found to preserve the experience of mountain and allow the sustainable development of the Alpine areas. Read more >>

You will soon be able to follow the progress of each of these projects through their respective blogs. Upon their conclusion we will circulate on line and during various events the short films realised along each of these four adventures.

We are also presenting you below the summaries of the other projects which were submitted. Presented by candidates from Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Switzerland, France, South Africa, Estonia and the United Kingdom they deal with cultural, artistic, educative or regional development themes with very varied approaches. We would have liked to have enough means to support them too, since each of them at its level brings out a significant enrichment for the Via Alpina. Some will still be carried out, and may receive the moral support of Via Alpina, the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention and the Via Alpina-Monaco Secretariat.

In the order of submission of the applications:

Thierry M.: Meet the locals on the Via Alpina >>

Faye Sanders & Rebecca F. Whitehead: A Gateway Guide to the Via Alpina: Alpina Adventure! >>

Maurizio Barbagallo: 7 years of travel walking in nature in the Alps >>

Johanna Mitterhofer & Liise Lehtsalu: Crossing borders, meeting people >>

Manuel Hefti: The Pearls of Europe >>

Roman Schultze & Michael Fuchsloch: Traditional Crafts and Customs alongside the Via Alpina >>

Pia Peršič: I walk, therefore I am! >>

Lisa & Beverley Nel: Every step counts >>

Marco Tosi & T’ai Gladys Whittingham Forte: A video-reportage on the Alps encompassing a unique investigation into the meaning of existence, the dynamics of encounter, and the simple act of walking >>

Omar Beretta: The mountain in the heart >>

Ovideo: On the way of the transhumant shepherds from Italy into Switzerland >>

Michaela Rizzolli: Viewing the Via Alpina through the eyes of young people >>

For reference, here are the documents relative to the 2013 competition (which was open from 4.9 to 15.11.2012):

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Contract (.doc 400 Kb)

Application form
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