The new Via Alpina folding map

The new and enlarged folding map about Via Alpina – the Austrian and German stages shows an overall glance onto the five Via Alpina routes. On the back of the map one can find the descriptions of the three itineraries (yellow, purple and red) that run across Austria and Germany.

The yellow trail stands for the high alpine Ötztal and Pitztal valleys and for the story of Ötzi the iceman, but also for the apparent intangibility of the Lechtaler and Allgäuer Alps.

The red trail links different cultures like no other, telling about war history on the Carnic ridge; it runs across the Karwendel alpine park, the Wetterstein mountain, along the last wild river system in Europe (the Lech) and across the Grosser Walsertal valley before becoming a high alpine route again in Rätikon.

The purple itinerary offers mostly a view on cultural highlights, such as the monastery library in Admont, the Hohenwerfen fortress, St. Bartholomä by the Königssee lake and the King’s castles in Schwangau.

You can ask for a free copy of the map (in English or German language) at the following address:
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