The Via Alpina in figures


The Via Alpina covers in total eight countries, 30 regions, cantons or länder and more than 200 municipalities.





… from sea level to an altitude of over 3000 m  
From one shoreline to the other - from the Adriatic to the Ligurian seas – the Via Alpina reaches its highest point at 3019 m at the Niederjoch pass (on the Italo-Austrian border).

… on 5000 km of trails
The Via Alpina route is made up of five sections: the Red, Purple, Yellow, Green and Blue (*) Trails representing a total of 5000 km of walking trails. 
… and 342 stages 58 of which are cross-border
22 in Slovenia, 121 in Italy, 30 in Germany, 70 in Austria, 3 in Liechtenstein, 55 in Switzerland, 40 in France and… 1 in Monaco.




(*) Red Trail:
161 stages. Trail linking Trieste and Monaco across all eight countries.
Purple Trail: 66 stages. Slovenia, Austria, Germany.
Yellow Trail: 40 stages. Italy, Austria, Germany.
Green Trail: 14 stages. Liechtenstein, Switzerland.
Blue Trail: 61 stages. Switzerland, Italy, France.


 The Alps are…


- 13.9 million inhabitants, eight countries and more than 6000 municipalities

- 4 national languages (German, Italian, French, Slovene)
as well as regional languages and dialects (Romansch, Ladin, Frulian, Alemanic, Bavarian, Walser, Langue D’Oc, Franco-Provençal...)

- 500 million overnight stays per year - 5 million tourist beds