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Via Alpinist Martin Prinz’s travel novel is available!

In the summer 2008, Martin Prinz walked the whole Red Trail from Trieste to Monaco (see also Over to the Via Alpinists!). His book has now been published by Bertelsmann – a fascinating read.

„“Über die Alpen“ (Over the Alps) is a sensible inventory, a breathtaking nature experience and an impressive physical performance. As through the looking glass, we see a cultural landscape threatened to disappear by the very hand of man who first created it. And still, one which still preserves the memory of another type of economy, where work is obstinately orientated towards living and not empty profit – and thus possibly showing us a chance for our future survival.

Martin Prinz combines in an easy and precise way events, stories and facts into a book, whose multi-layered dimensions remind of the great examples of European travel literature.”

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P.S. Brandon Wilson’s book, “Over the Top and Back Again – Hiking X the Alps” will be released in autumn!