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Four successful adventures!

In August four Via Alpinists’ teams from France and Italy have concluded their crossing of the Alps on various combinations of the Via Alpina trails.

First Pascal Rastoul and Pauline Cassan, then Valerio Sani, Milena Dalla Piazza and Yuk, Bertrand Chouet and Jean-Luc Millereau and Manfredi Salemme. Brandon and Cheryl Wilson as well as Nathalie Sarlat are still enjoying the trails of the Western Alps and will arrive in Monaco in late September.

Without stopping at the difficulties encountered at the beginning of the season due to the heavy snow falls of the winter, all of them have communicated on their blogs in very personal ways their – hopefully contagious – enthusiasm for the beauties of the landscapes and the encounters. Congratulations to all and good preparation to the next long-distance walkers!