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The Via Alpinists of the summer 2016

Right now three very interesting people are hiking Via Alpina treks. Each one of them has a different reason and motivation to do the trek but they all share a love of nature.

On 11th of June a senior biochemistry professor at the Università degli Studi di Milano, Marcello Duranti, has begun his journey in Trieste. At the first stage, his plan is to hike all the way to Edolo, a small town in an Italian Central Alpine valley, where a branch of the Università degli Studi di Milano is situated and at the second stage, which will take place in summer 2017, his plan is to hike from Ventimiglia (far Western Alps side) and finish again in Edolo. As many other initiatives, ALVINA Project arises from a personal dream and challenge and then has grown to become a broader project. The acronym ALVINA stands for ‘ALpine VIrtual Nation’, and it aims to evoke a feeling of unity of the Alpine Region.

Matthieu Chambaud, mountain leader, is doing a 4 month trek, with the aim to investigate different topics by interviewing trekkers. This research will be carried out over the Via Alpina trek. The documentary will focus on our relationship to time, to people, to material things and our place in the environment.

Italian Tommaso Lizzi started his journey on 3rd of June. His plan is to hike around 3000km in 3 months and a half. His motivation to do the trek is to live the freedom of nature, learn from it and be one with it. He would like to push people to go outside more, discover new places and be amazed by the power of nature. He thinks that people in general need to rediscover the wild spirit which is inside each one of us. Like this everyone will fight to save our planet.

The Via Alpina has granted moral support to all projects.