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“Via – direct”: our first Via Alpinist of the season, Igor Gruber from Velenje in Eastern Slovenia, embarks on 6 June for a crossing of the Alps in 100 days

Igor grew up on a farm in the Slovene countryside, exploring the surroundings along his daily walk to school and more often than not coming back home late and scratched, but with an ever growing love and understanding of nature. Now a qualified mountain guide and avid ski mountaineer, he wishes to convey to the younger generations the importance of spending time outdoors and of nature conservation, and that “life does not revolve only around computers and monitors”.

Why this project? Igor gives his reasons:
“Eight years ago, I walked the 599-km long Slovenian Mountain Hiking Trail in one piece in a total of 24 days. In life you always have to put higher goals. Reaching 40 years of my life, I want to do a project that will be a huge challenge. Why Via Alpina? I visited Alps very often in the past few years. They captivate me with their beauty and vulnerability. The Via Alpina is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the Alps in a single swing. I was choosing between several routes across various continents. I decided for the Alps, which are my first love. Finally, this is a pilgrimage to my essence, nature, creation, loved ones, God, people along the way ... seeking answers to the famous questions: who am I, what am I doing –I want to look at my life from the outside.”

Igor has received the official support of the Via Alpina and we wish him the best of luck! If he arrives early in Trieste, he intends to walk home to Velenje along the European long-distance trail E6...

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