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“Solo Alps – The Alps from East to West, on foot from Vienna to Genoa”

Today 10 June 2015, Elia Origoni, a young Italian from the Varese Prealps, started on an Alpine crossing which will last 3, 4 or 5 months and which he will relate on his blog.

“I don’t intend to plan my route stage for stage at home. I will create the itinerary during the journey, each week or even each day, depending on the people I will encounter on the way and most of all on what nature will confront me with.

Essentiality and sensitivity towards nature will be my main guides. It will be a unique occasion to re-discover my belonging to nature, as an integrated part.

My permanent travel companions will be my boots and a backpack with the essentials, but first of all nature, the landscapes, the difficulties and beauties which I will encounter along the way. Waking up every day with the mountain in the back can give you anguish or security. It gives me security.”

The Via Alpina has granted Elia its moral support. Don’t hesitate to contact him, he is looking for travel mates in order to climb several nice peaks on the way!,

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