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Kick-off of a loooong mapping party

This Thursday 7 June, Mayeul and Anne-Françoise have started from Monaco for a 2 ½-month hike which will allow the mapping of the western part of the Red Trail and most of the Blue Trail on OpenStreetMap.

Tripod mapping party (Mayeul)
François, Licia, Sandro, Rupert, Sara, Paolo, Guy, Alessandro and probably others will take over from Anne-Françoise as trailmates for Mayeul who will to walk the entire route – the result of a huge organisational effort, and the guarantee that both technique and conviviality will be included.

This project is the recipient of one of the Via Alpina Travel Fellowships for 2012. The next fellows to start will be the team of Randocabo, on 19 June. Many other hikers are taking to the trails on Via Alpina and in the Alps this month. A great trip to each of them!