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Photographica alpina: all go!

That’s it, this Thursday, 16 June, Romain Liagre also started his trek. He begun in Monaco his complete crossing of the Red Trail, which he will document by taking pictures towards the four cardinal directions in regular intervals. A delegation of the monegasque alpine club escorted him for the first few miles. Follow the rest of his trip on (in French).



Soon we will have news from the relay hike of FFME, also started this week but at the other extremity of the Alps, in the Triglav massif in Slovenia. And departure is coming near for the 3rd fellows, the pupils of the Talander school, who will leave on 1 July from Tschagguns (Montafon valley, Austria).

Best wishes also to Helga, Renato, Janek, Liaz, Stefan, Nicolas, Philippe and all those who are or will soon be walking along Via Alpina!